Tuesday, July 16, 2013

please follow ladeeeda.blogspot.com!

Hi people viewing this! Yes, this is mikki from mikkidoll.blogspot.com and yes i have a new blog site at ladeeeda.blogspot.com. I need your help! I have so many great people wanting to work with me but the only thing is they need to see more followers on my blog! So thats where you come in! I have a ton of people including motelrocks.com, persunmall, sheinside and many others wanting to help out with giveaways and other fun stuff for my blog but i just need a few more followers! 

If you could follow my blog id be so grateful and really work towards bringing you the best posts and fashion! If you have  any questions about following or what that entails feel free to ask me!

Have a good night, day ect...

And heres a pic of me!

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